I am an Ally 

       My name is Dawn Kohler. I am a sis-gendered, heterosexual white woman who uses she, her pronouns. I am an Ally. First of all I do not consider any LGBTQ+ Sexual orientations or Gender Identities wrong or disabled in any way. I was raised in a typical white Christian household where traditional views were preached at church and by older relatives. I have always been a very excepting person.  I enrolled in a course called Queer Psychology at Truman State University while studying Psychology there. It was taught by Dr. Sherri Palmer, who is a wealth of knowledge in this area and the Prism faculty advisor at Truman. She also advises families with queer children throughout the Northeast Missouri area. I wanted to take Queer Psychology in order to increase my understanding and help me to be a better advocate for people of all backgrounds, once I actually get a job in my field. Though I am by no means an expert, I would like to share some of the resources I gained through that class and other resources I have found since then. I hope you find them useful and relevant.